Join us. I was a war child in the Sudan. Now I am a peace soldier. The difference for me between love and hate, war and peace, was education. I was saved by one woman who cared and dared to make a difference. I believe I survived for a reason. To teach. To be an example of change and an example of peace.

We have a saying in my village, “whoever is hurting allow them to talk, once they have finished talking, then there is peace”

Peace Soldiers are individuals who use education and understanding as their only weapons in generating a peaceful environment. Peace Soldiers are armed with compassion, the ability to listen, to be an example of peace.

Be the change you want to see. Small actions matter. Education matters. Not just in schools, but person to person. Education increases our ability to peacefully handle adversity and empowers us to take control of our future. Education happens in and outside the classroom. Be a Peace Soildier and carry the message of Peace.

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